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Rotary Myths

MYTH 1: Rotary is a secret society with an official creed.


TRUTH: Rotary has no secret handshake, no secret meetings and no secret rituals. It is an open society which welcomes people from all backgrounds who simply believe in helping others.


MYTH 2: Rotary is exclusively a male only organisation.


TRUTH: Rotary started out as a men only organization but changed its constitution to allow women decades ago.


MYTH 3: You have to be older to join Rotary.


TRUTH: Absolutely not! Most clubs have Rotarians in their 30’s and 40’s as well as experienced members who have been committed to Rotary for a long time.


MYTH 4: Owning a business is a must.


TRUTH: One does not have to own a business. Members include any adult who wants to commit to ‘Service before self’


MYTH 5: You have to be rich to join Rotary.


TRUTH: You need not be rich. You only need a deep desire to work within a team to help others.


MYTH 7: Rotarians are not friendly.


TRUTH: Rotary provides one of the most basic needs, the need for friendship and fellowship.


MYTH 8: Rotarians need to be good public speakers.


TRUTH: Rotary develops confidence in people to allow them to speak in public if they want to.


MYTH 9: Rotary is all about business.


TRUTH: Rotary is about service to others


MYTH 10: Rotary is a local group


TRUTH: This is a worldwide organization of 33,000 clubs. Find out more at




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